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About the Movement

The Pink Marker Movement inspires women to rewrite the labels that have been holding them down so they can find their voice and thrive.

Because when women come together, advocate for their freedom to dream, and rewrite their narratives – powerful transformations happen.

Are you ready to ditch what’s standing in your way and finally feel free to live the life you want?

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"PMM really opened my eyes to the bondage I have lived in for so many years. It allowed me to do the work needed to confront the limitations I have placed upon myself and start the process to change that narrative. Pink Marker is stripping away the labels I’ve worn for far too long and giving me the courage to know WHO I am and WHOSE I am!"

Casey F.

It’s time to write your own script

We women are incredible. We come together. We dream big. We get things done. We care deeply. And we bring our community together with unrelenting support.

But we’re also fed lies about who we can be and what we can achieve.

Slow down. Don’t take that big of a risk. Be careful.

All of those play on repeat. And that makes us think twice about taking the leap. Even when our intuition says ‘go for it’ we doubt ourselves. We believe the limiting beliefs in our head. Give into the labels that seek to define us. Fear our own potential. Stop trusting our abilities.

The Pink Marker Movement leads women through a journey to tune back into themselves, rewrite their story, and be the woman they know they can be.

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Transformation Happens When You Go Deep Within

How can you rewrite the beliefs that have been holding you back for years? It’s all in the deep work. Over here, we’re done with the Band-Aids and quick fixes for these internalized narratives. We’re giving you everything you need to go beyond the surface and make a lasting transformation.

Instead of:

→ Doubting yourself whenever you’re at a life pivot

→ Fearing what you are capable of achieving

→ Settling for less than you deserve

→ Believing labels that keep you caged up

→ Feeling that you have to be perfect all by yourself

You will:

→ Trust yourself to tune in and make the right decision for you

→ Dive fully into your dreams and take the actions you need to make them happen

→ Know your worth and carry yourself with newfound confidence

→ Shed the labels and rewrite your narrative so that it serves you

→ Lean on a community and learn the value of being part of a powerful group

"I truly enjoyed the course! I learned to put some things on paper that I had not thought about in a long time. It was a growing step for me and I look forward to continuing that growth!"

Dr. Joanna D.


The Pink Marker Movement

An interactive course that leads you through the internal journey of rewriting your story. This way, you can shed the labels that are holding you back and create the life that you know you’re capable of.

By the end of this course, you will:

→ Redefine who you are and your belief system

→ Step into the most confident version of yourself while shedding fear

→ Ditch feelings of shame and inadequacy

→ Start chasing the life that you know you want

→ Feel a sense of community and unwavering support

→ Shift your perspective to a success lens

→ Embrace a new mindset that will propel you closer to your dream life

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 Inside the Course


What is your vision?

Begin by identifying our Vision, what it includes and what we envision for ourselves. We’ll honor this process by holding a space that is gentle, honest, and kind.


What are your labels?

Begin making actual change by seeing what you have been labeling yourself with. This lesson will allow you to reflect on your current beliefs of who you are.


Combating those labels with the truth!

In this module, we’ll combat our lies and limiting beliefs. You’ll see yourself in a new way and begin tapping into everlasting truth to create real change.


Begin to rewrite your story, one label at a time.

During this lesson, you will see that there is power in combating lies and confusion with the absolute truth. The power wielded in your Pink Marker


Turning your Pink Marker Moments into a Movement.

Your moments begin to become your Personal Pink Marker Movement. You’ll create new labels and meanings for you in this next chapter of your life.


Remaining committed to your story and the Voice to share it.

This final lesson of the Pink Marker Movement begins to direct you into this next phase of your journey of new labels and identity. 

"So far the Pink Marker Course has really changed my perspective on how I look at my life, circumstances and decisions."

Jenn D.

How it Works


It starts with the belief that you are worthy of these changes. Sign up here and commit to bringing your whole self to this course. Every fear. Every piece of your past. Every vulnerability. When you don’t hold back, the transformations grow larger.


Keep an eye on your mailbox, because your Pink Marker Movement gift box will be arriving. These items will guide you through the course as you take actions that lead to massive mindset shifts.


This course is not a quick afternoon stroll. We’re going deep. When labels and beliefs have held you back for years, unraveling them takes venturing into your shadow side. Every module creates a safe space for you to dig into everything that is stirring inside.


When you do your deep work, there is a community of women who are here for every transformation and realization. Share yourself with the group and make connections that let you deepen this internal journey.


After you complete the course, you will have a new perspective on your abilities, your life, and what you are capable of. Just be in that feeling and chase what you know is meant for you. You’re incredible, and you’re about to reap the rewards of rewriting your story.

You are capable of chasing the life you want. You just need to shed the inner monologue that’s pushing you back down whenever you start to dream.

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The Pink Marker Woman

The Pink Marker Movement brings women together from different generations, countries, and experiences. Even though we are faith-based, we welcome women from all different religious backgrounds and beliefs to join the movement.

This course is perfect for you, if you:

  • Know in your heart of hearts that you are capable of more
  • Are tired of giving in to the limiting beliefs and labels that hold you back from the life you want
  • Want to join a community of women who say ‘yes’ to chasing what they want
  • Need a new perspective to find clarity in what you want
  • Are ready to do the deep work and transform your sense of self

Hi, I’m Joy

The CEO and Founder of Advocates in Action and the Pink Marker Movement

But I’m also your biggest cheerleader as you do the deep work and transform into the woman you know you can be.

My pink marker moment came when I was thinking about a career change. I wanted to leave my full-time job and start what you’re reading right now. My loved ones doubted me. They threw their opinions my way. I listened to them. They were right, I didn’t know anything about this…I wasn’t qualified.

So I prayed. I asked for guidance. I dove within and started figuring out who I really was. Who is Joy when she silences all the opinions around her?

And now, I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary of this business, and I get to help women around the world reclaim their voices after being silenced.

Because the truth is, my story isn’t unique. Far from it. Women every day are doubted and told ‘they can’t’ when they have a dream. They’re going to fail. They’re not worthy. Their voice is not valued.

The Pink Marker Movement brings together the women who are silenced and invites them to be loud. Not in volume, but in purpose. To unapologetically tell their story and chase what they used to fear.

If you feel like you have been told ‘no’ when your heart wanted nothing more than to go – I want you here. I want you to ditch the labels that are swimming in your head and become the woman you want to be.

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Let’s talk about investing

It can feel strange to put energy into yourself. Especially if you’re someone who’s been told to pour into others’ cups first and keep your struggles hidden.

But investing in your well-being is exactly what you need to shed the beliefs that you’re not worthy of whatever it is that’s on your heart.

This course is an investment. Not so much in cash, but in emotional involvement. You’re going to go deep and feel uncomfortable by what comes up.

But that’s what creates the lasting, permanent shifts that follow you for the rest of your life.

And I know you deserve this new perspective and sense of freedom.

If the fear of failure holds you back, then let yourself fail. Things are so much easier when you give yourself permission to chase and reframe how you view success.

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By signing up for the course, you will receive:

  • Your Pink Marker Gift Box
  • 6 Deep Work Modules
  • Lifetime Community Access
  • Lifetime Course Access


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